Walk away

now I will walk away
no matter here to stay
now I will just leave and
burned down my house today
got million bills to pay
now I will start bleeding

hey hey
now I'm the one who let it out
I'm on the road to spit it out

stolen a new cadillac
now there's no way back
just break out of fire
thousend pills in my head
my brain is full of crap
I've lost my intention

I walk away
can't bring me down
the other ground
the sun goes down


it feels so right on a lonely day
to feel like a child fly away
and realize what I've got to say
the world is a playground for me

and nothing I will do
is to feel OK
is to see my way
'cause everthing I do is to feel so free

it feels so right on a lonely day
just doing what I want fly away
and see those lights every night and day
the world is a playground for me

the world is a playground for me
the world is my playground

Born to lie

born to be alive
you save another live
but now I realize
I don't know that you know it at all
scenes of lucky times
with you still in my mind
and all those dirty nights
made it to a heartbreak story
you don't really care

all apologies
exploded in my mind
just wanna leave behind
please believe I know it wasn't right
I feel so hypnotized
completely sacrificed
you are the one in life
all I want is that you forgive me
all I want is you

I'm born to lie
I just wanted to say the truth
but I have no more try
I just wanted to stay with you
but you can't forget the lies
now I wonder why you care
another life
'cause you do whatever you do
you break my pride

Bang on your chest

now it's your way to start it
you gonna break some walls
one day the fight is over
nothing's overload
and when you know you got it
no time to leave at all
all days of pain are over
there is no control

hey hey
it's just your way
and you're not falling down
stop to regret
hey hey
forget all days
when you were falling down
bang on your chest

all the wounds you think can't heal
makes you stronger think it's real
but you know it's not right
all what keeps you still alive
hold your breath until you die
but it's hard to find

all you think you've got to find
is the way down to your mind
do you still believe
when your pain is still alive
and you know you've got to find
then you will believe